Tailor Made or Battle Bus Tours

I have conducted a number of military tours over the years my Waterloo, The Somme, Ypres,Messines usually for army groups, junior officers and NCOs and civilian groups with family or county interests. I have visited as a student more than I care to admit, from the Little Big Horn where Custer made his last stand to Rorke's Drift and many other Zulu and Boer War fields. This year I carried out a recce of Normandy with a view to conducting a visit where my old regiment fought and suffered many casualties, and followed the trail of my family connections who were part of 1st Polish Armoured Division. Pictures attached for those interested. My visits are designed for an eclectic mix of enthusiasts and those with an intelligent interest, they are not 'army barmy', and fun food and booze are taken as seriously as the pre dinner battle lectures.
I can design them to order to accommodate those with family, county or regimental connections, the advantage of small groups is flexibility larger groups slightly less so but just as much fun.
For those who don't know me my military credentials such as they are can be found on my Waterloo brochure. Incidentally lectures for those too busy to travel are arranged by appointment.

  Please see my photo gallery for a few photos of this year tour to Normandy June 2015, and the Waterloo Lectures.

Godfrey Bloom's Military C.V

Godfrey Bloom is a keen published military historian, a graduate of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, the Royal College of Defence Studies (strategy) and RMAS Soviet Studies (external).

A popular lecturer at First World War battlefields, Waterloo became a necessity for visitors who felt one hour of the European Parliament was enough.

Recent lecture venues include The Royal College of Defence, the Joint Service Staff College and  Eisenhower Defence University, Washington.