Godfrey Bloom began his career in the City of London in 1967.  His subsequent 35 years extremely varied, probably impossible now in a very much more specialized and regulated city financial service environment.  He won international awards for fund management.

Godfrey retired from investment management in 2004 to take up his seat in the European 'Parliament', he sat as an independent representing Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire.  In 2006 he gave a prescient paper to the National Defence University of Washington on procurement forewarning of the crisis to come.

Mr Bloom has a very long record of accurate prediction.  In the mid nineteen nineties as a guest lecturer at Cambridge University he predicted the failure of the Euro over a ten year period.  He is a long term critic of prescriptive regulation.  He led the British opposition vote to Brussels governed regulation in the European Parliament in September 2010.  Recent speaking engagements have included the advent of Basel III banking regulation in London, Vienna and Warsaw.  He is a popular speaker at universities and enjoyed amongst others, engagements at Durham, Newcastle, St Andrews, Oxford, London, Syracuse and York universities, the Mises Institute in Alabama, Forum da Liberdade in Brazil and Joint Services Staff College in Shrivenham.

His uncompromising views on the current financial crises enjoy popularity on foreign television networks, but, of course, not the BBC who regard his anti Keynesian views too hot to handle.

A keen military historian he was commissioned from The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and is an associate member of The Royal College of Defence Studies and has been published in the prestigious Army Review, and holds the Territorial Decoration and bar, Sovereigns' and Parliamentary Medal.

Mr Bloom has more views on his speeches than any other MEP in the history of the Parliament in one year.  The first elected politician to question the apocryphal man made global warming hypothesis on British TV in 2006.  He also produced a film on the absurdity of wind turbines as an energy solution for Western Europe.

Mr Bloom is a patron of The Association of British Drivers.

He is married to one of the country's leading equine physiotherapists.