Entertaining The Mises Institute at Hamilton's bar in Auburn, Alabama

Delegation to Washington L-R, Paul Nuttall,Richard and Vicky Skowronek and Pete Massie.

Godfrey Bloom and Roger Helmer enjoy the hospitality of the Mayor of Pompeii.

The same litter of puppies just a few weeks on enjoying some late April sunshine in the garden and chippy having some freedom from them.

Chippy with her gorgeous puppies at one day old cannot believe four years have gone by since they were born.

Day off and downtime in Vienna


Godfrey and Jeffrey Tucker share a moment  at The Mises Institute conference dinner in Vienna

Godfrey Bloom at The Durham Union University Debate on 17/10/15


David "Richard 111" Browne. The undergraduate I was supposed to have "offended"
at The Oxford Union. Here we are at Exeter where he is doing a postgrad. We are off
for a pint, not for the first time. The Press of course can't deal with the truth, we are

On the normandy Battlefield Tour June 2015 at Thury Harcourt at the memorial service to the 59th Staffordshire Division

Thury Harcourt June 2015

Thury Harcourt June 2015

Thury Harcourt June 2015

At the main national Polish Cemetry at Grainville- Langannerie June 2015
Normandy Battlefield Tour

The main memorial in the Polish Cemetery at Grainville-Langannerie

At the Memorial and Museum at Montormel in The Falaise Pocket

 I enjoyed doing a couple of lectures locally to mark the 200th anniversary of Waterloo

Image of the Battlefield and cv not come out too clear!! will try and improve on that one

Jumping Mr Cracker my favourite horse.

I came third in a competition on Mr.Cracker and won money!


I revisit my old alma mater with a young protégé who is now a crusty old major himself.

New Year's day with the missus.

Bloom solves the mustard problem.


 The RAF let me fly this baby.


      My father Alan Bloom who Andrew Langley of the Daily Telegraph claims, bizarrely that he was a "Lewisham gas fitter" !! I also have a troll who claims he did not exist at all.     


Two of my young constituents doing their bit in Afghanistan.          

Godfrey's new book A Dinosaur's guide to libertarianism, and here he is pictured with a dinosaur, which one is which?!   


Here we are again for a close up does that clarify the who is who bit !!!    

Chippy the jack Russell who now rules Godfrey's life!!      

Chippy monopolising Godfrey,s chair and waiting for him to take her for a walk. 

When we had our last party our local brewer who supplied the beer decided on the name of the brew.

Another day from a few years ago on my favourite horse

Down memory lane Bloom with all the women in his life who boss him about!!

Going back to my native american roots riding Basil a tobiano sadly a bit too cheeky for me

Sharing a yarn or two in the November sunshine with a great chap called Martyn Shaw

Perhaps not the best quality photo but it is the missus's favourite of me on Cracker at Birdsall so it had to be included

Yet another grey horse say hello to Sydney my new horse

The women in my life leading the way. Sydney and I up the back anything for a quiet life!!!

Ready to eat my hat pre the results of the general election 2015 if Nigel Farage didnot win his Thanet seat !

Half way through the hat!!!

Here I am on Sydney a rare moment landing together after quite a big jump!!