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 1A friend is asked to leave a 'gay' club because he is not 'gay'  
 2An employer and employee reject employment legislation and wish to contract under English Law  
 3A black nightclub owner has an ethnic ethos, he asks a white couple to leave simply because they are white  
 4There are certain circumstances where habeous corpus is suspended indefinitely  
 5ID cards are made compulsory  
 6Police may stop and search without obvious cause  
 7You like to relax with your feet up smoking a 'joint'  
 8You are of strong religious convictions that homosexual activity is 'sinful'. You say or write to that effect.  
 9You own or run a hotel or boarding house, should guests be exclusively at your discretion?  
 10Someone breaks into your house whilst you are in residence. You have a loaded shotgun under the bed. You shoot him dead (he is unarmed).  
 11The central bank sets interest rates  
 12Legal tender laws mean you can only transact business in sterling in the UK (or dollars in the US)  
 13You prefer to drive without a seat belt  
 14You are a smoker you choose to 'light up' seeking only the permission of your host (pub, hotel, club, bus, train etc)  
 15 You are caught by a camera doing 47mph in a 40 mph area. The police and an associated privately owned business syndicate offer to not prosecute you if you pay them £110.  
 16You are a keen cyclist, you are given priority over other road users.  
 17Your main fear is a painful terminal illness or 'locked in' syndrome with zero quality of life. You made a witnessed legal instruction to terminate your life in there circumstances. The state may not interfere  
 18You wish to educate your children at home  

19. You wish to educate your children privately, you should automatically be granted a tax concession equivalent to cost of unused state place in their system


20. Contributions to charity should be solely the responsibility of the individual at their discretion and not the government's.                                                

There are no answers from me, the answers are in your head!!!!